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The Cost of Hidden Water Pools

Hidden water poolsThe cost of hidden water pools varies with construction requirements, size, type and design . The pool is usually hidden when it is not needed. It is different when compared to the above ground or in ground  pools that are rather traditional and  popular with most people. The hidden pool is able to hide beneath a patio, deck or even a lawn. This is done by pushing a button and is rather convenient. You can change most spaces into a pool easily by installing the hidden pool. The hidden water pool is a perfect choice for your home especially when you want to save space. The pool space can still be used for many other purposes when you do not need to use the pool.

Construction Requirements

The cost of hidden water pool  depends on various factors. If it is added to a regular pool with no change in size or shape it will be cheaper than building it from scratch. In most cases, the cost depends to a large extent on the contractor that is installing it. If  it is entirely new it will depend on the the surface and type of earth removal required. For example of large areas of rock are encountered blasting and rock cutting will add to the cost. Of course for new pools, environmental and other studies may be required adding to the cost. The surrounding building and ease of access may also cause costs to blow out.

One of the things that you should be aware of when you are thinking of the hidden water pools cost is the fact that it is a bit higher than the traditional models that we are accustomed to. However, when you look at it in a holistic kind of manner, the maintenance costs are rather lower in the long run. This is especially because water is not exposed to air and the other pollutants at all times. You can however expect the cost of the pool to be about 30% more when compared to the traditional pools especially the in ground one. The cost will be highly dependent on the diameter you are hoping to install.


hidden poolWhen one tries to understand the hidden water pools cost, it is important to know the things that are included. When the pool is installed, the pool submerges only with a button click. The conversion may take two minutes which is great speed. The water stays in reserve underneath and the levels can be easily restored by the use of a pump.

Indoor hidden swimming pools are more expensive than outdoor  hidden pools because decor and and quality fittings are required. Engineering requirements re more extensive and additional platform needs to conform with surrounding flooring.

There are two basic types:

  • Rising platform

  • Sliding cover

Floor raise hidden pools are more expensive due to more complex mechanics. This includes the need for underwater components which have to be protected or water proof.

Cover slides can be just dragged off vertically – additional space is required or they can be hidden under a deck or other structure. This type can often be the cheaper option.


It might be assumed that a larger hidden water pool would be more expensive. Actually there is a balance between cost and size. If the pool is smaller than the optimal size it will be more expensive due to special machine and installation costs. As the size increases above the optimal size larger amounts of building materials are needed, increasing cost.


Of course the basic rectangular pool is the cheapest. Round and oval pools are more expensive because the building process is more complex.  If you choose a combination of shapes the cost increases more. You may make a choice so as to customize the pool as much as desired.

Installation of accessories such as slides and diving pools increases cost because special planning is required and safety issues have to be taken into consideration.

So you see that while having many advantages, hidden pools costs varies with construction requirements, type, size and design.