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Know More about Hidden Water Pools Cost

As the name implies, hidden water pools are the pool that stay hidden while not in use. Unlike other kind of pools such as the ones that are above ground or in ground, these pools can be hidden when they are located beneath the patio and other such a under a patio. With just the touch of a button, your patio would transform as your pool with a couple of minutes. When the floor opens, the surface area starts to descend and the water stored in the reserve beneath the patio would fill up in a short while. When you wish to hide the pool then the floor would rise up and the water would drain back to the reserve.

If you are planning to have one such hidden pool in your property then you must know the Hidden Water Pools Cost to plan for one. Usually the costs tend to vary based on the size of the pool, the style you need it, the contractor charges and other such factors.

Hidden Water Pools CostHow much are the hidden water pools cost?

You must know the various factors that would influence the cost of the hidden pool in your property such as:

->    The hidden pool concept is a trendier one and hence it would be much expensive than the traditional pools. However as there is only very less maintenance involved than regular pools, you can save money on maintenance. This is because the pool’s water would be stored underneath and would not interact with the outside air each day. In a nutshell, you have to be ready to pay over 30% than a regular pool cost.

->    The diameter of the hidden pool decides how more or how less you have to spend. The average cost of the pool with a decent diameter would be between $25,000 and $60,000.

Learn about the extra costs involved in hidden water pools cost

•    When you choose to have premium range add ons such as swim jets, spa, ambience features and a dining table then your bill would go aboard. Swim jets and spa are luxurious options that can cost a whopping amount as it would offer a hot tub experience and offer a treadmill effect on your body.

•    You will have to hire a professional service to do the maintenance each month, as it has to be cleaned once in a month. This would also cost you more than $100 each month.

•    If you believe you have the ability to clean the pool well, then you can buy chemicals that are essential to clean the hidden pool. You just have to pay around $50 for the materials for the pool to clean it yourself. As hidden pools are smaller in size and has storage options for water, it needs very light maintenance.

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